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Product Designer IV


6 months (Jan 2022 - Jun 2022)

Revamping the people management experience for "inactive" user removal


Meta's businesses face the challenge of removing "inactive" users, or people who have not been using Meta's business tools within the Meta Business Suite ecosystem ( in the past 90 days. Due to inactivity, these accounts are more susceptible to attacks and pose great security threats to businesses across Meta's platforms.

inactive users problems.png


I was the design point-of-contact responsible for overseeing the end-to-end design process and developing the UX strategy to address the challenges listed above. My main tasks included clarifying and defining the product scope, feature requirements, and rollout strategy for both the MVP and beyond. During this process, I worked in close collaboration with design partners, research, product management, marketing, data science, engineering, and other cross-functional partners to ensure all stakeholders were aligned on a singular vision for our product roadmap. My goal was to ensure that the final product ships with high UX standards while also adhering to security, integrity, privacy, legal, and policy requirements.


I redesigned the people management experience to allow business admins to better track, manage and remove inactive users within Business Settings, and to proactively defend against attacks and aid Meta's compromise prevention efforts. Based on user research findings, I ideated an activity detection feature that tracks user activity information on the People Tab to help admins easily identify inactive people and remove them. To validate the design concepts, I collaborated with our Product Marketing Managers (PMMs) to conduct usability testing with users from client companies. With these important user insights, we were able to push back against initial requirements that created user friction and cognitive load. The user feedback enabled our engineering team to improve the backend data collection model, resulting in a simpler UI that is in alignment with the users' expectations while satisfying privacy requirements needed for launch.


Our MVP provided a way for business admins to identify and manage inactive users directly from the People tab, the landing page on Business Manager with over 200k visits per day. The new security management and auditing capabilities created a more streamlined experience for managing people day-to-day. Thousands of inactive user accounts have been removed every month since its initial launch in Sep 2022. Time spent on people management is reduced from 7 days to 1.5 days = ~70% reduction in work time. In early 2023, the new design was fully rolled out to 100% of customers, serving 5.6M users and over 505k businesses world-wide.

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