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Change History 

Designing the history log for tracking user changes and system updates across multiple developer environments 


Product Designer


1 month (Mar 2021 - Apr 2021)


Research and Competitive Analysis

User Flows and Use Case Diagrams

Low-fidelity Sketches 

High-fidelity Prototypes (Sketch)

Developer Annotations


Genie is Disney Streaming's commerce management tool where product prices and offerings are created and managed by the Business Operations team.

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Change History is a new feature that allows users to view changes made to a product, SKU, offer, or promotion. Additionally, it will enable users to view the full edit history, audit entity details, status updates and keep track of changes in case remediation is needed.

My focus was to brainstorm a way for users to view updates and access modified information in a clear, simple, and effective way. I collaborated with the Product Manager in fleshing out the MVP strategy, finalizing feature requirements, outlining user workflows, and brainstorming use case scenarios. The biggest challenge was to build flexible and modular components as add-ons to allow tracking various user actions and interactions within the system in different publishing environments. We want to help users understand the changes that were previously made in the easiest way possible.



The change history feature received great responses from Disney Streaming's Business Operations team and Finance Team. This was an important feature requested by users for many months, and now its implementation has greatly improved communication and alignment within and across teams. The history logs allowed for data collection and analysis across user actions, added more context to each user edit and provided more transparency in the change process. Having change information centralized in this feature has greatly expedited error detection and correction, which was an extra bonus that greatly helped the Business Operations team to stay efficient and error-free. 

If you are interested to learn more about my work, please feel free to reach me at

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