A Creative Thinker, 
Problem Solver

My Design Values 🙌

Sustainability - Designing for long-term, meaningful solutions with the future in mind

Inclusiveness - Recognizing differences, respecting cultures, and creating empathetic designs​

Creativity -  Thinking from multiple perspectives, exploring new terrains, and creating innovative solutions

My Passions 💖

In my spare time, I do art commissions (see more in my ART section). I love drawing portraits of people. I play the violin and piano.

My favorite sport is skiing. I also enjoy watching football, basketball, and baseball games. Go Huskies!

Nice to Meet You~ 👋 

My name is Melody and I'm an Associate Product Designer designing enterprise tools at Disney Streaming Services.  I received my Bachelor of Science at the University of Washington, where I studied Human-Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE), Human-Computer Interaction concentration.

My interest in UX stems from my passion for creation and solving people problems. I love to draw, brainstorm ideas and design delightful, inclusive experiences that put people first. I enjoy making things, seeing ideas come to life, and bringing a positive impact through innovation and problem-solving. 

My degree in engineering helped me to understand what is necessary for building a real-world product. Through the lens that HCDE provided me, I was able to see the gap between design and engineering, and create solutions using both problem-solving skills and delicate visual crafts. I hope to use design as a tool to create change and tackle some of the most complex problems existing in our systems today.