About Me

A Creative Thinker, 


Problem Solver

My Passions 

Empowering Women in STEM!

I was invited to give a TED-style talk on Design and Engineering, where I shared my minority-empowerment projects Making Core Memory and Atari Women at the ICS STEAM Symposium in Kirkland, WA for participants of Girls Who Code

Drawing People!

In my spare time, I do art commissions (see more in my ARTS section). I loving drawing athletes, and portraits of people, from Lil Wayne to my friends and family. 

Creating Music + Experiences!

I sing, play the violin and the piano. My favorite artist is Lana Del Rey and I can play the majority of her songs. I love combining different instruments and using different techniques to create new experiences for the ears. 

My Design Values

Sustainability - Designing for long-term, meaningful solutions and thinking about the future 

Inclusiveness - Respecting cultures and creating empathetic designs

Diversity -  Exploring new concepts and encouraging different perspectives

Creativity - Thinking outside of the box and looking for innovative solutions


University of Washington

B.S. in Human Centered Design and Engineering

Graduating in Dec 2019