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Product Design Intern


4 months (January - April 2020)

Project Overview

In January 2020, I joined Disney's Seattle office as a Product Design intern. My internship was originally extended to September 2020, but was terminated early due to the COVID-19 situation. 

For my projects, I worked on defining the user problem, figuring out product requirements and guest needs, ideating design solutions with different mental models, and aligning with the design team on creating new features, interactions and experiences. I've helped deliver high fidelity prototypes, design language system documentation, and design specifications for engineer hand-offs

Upfront Design.001.jpeg


  1. Ideated a new guest experience for choosing a Walt Disney World Replacement FastPass+  and delivered designs to the Product Team

  2. Conceptualized a high-fidelity standalone mobile app for a conference event 

  3. Designed front-end modules and flows for the Genie feature on the Walt Disney World Resort mobile app

  4. Proposed redesigns for the Disneyland FASTPASS Redemption screens


  • “Building train tracks while the train is still going” describes the experience pretty well. In a fast-moving environment, one of my first lessons was to be flexible and comfortable with ambiguity and changes during a project. 

  • Working in a big team, it's also important to be mindful about my team members' goals and think about what I can do to help them “get there” through effective collaboration.

  • Storytelling is such an important skill and it is central to the Disney culture. I’ve been actively learning and practicing communicating complex problems and design solutions that can be easily shared with and understood by an unfamiliar audience. 


This internship was one of the most memorable experiences in my career. I've never had so much growth within such a short period of time. Over time, I became more confident in sharing and advocating for my designs with strong reasonings based on informative decisions. I would like to thank my manager, my mentors and the teams I was part of for the continuous support, encouragement, and guidance throughout my internship.

My work is currently under NDA. Please feel free to reach me at I would be happy to chat more :)

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