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Lead Product Designer


4 months (Jan 2022 - Jun 2022)

Project overview


In 2022, we are allowing businesses to manage inactive users using Meta's business tools. This initiative was the top feature request on the Business Enterprise Management (BEM) team's H1'22 roadmap, to improve risky account detection and compromise prevention for Meta’s enterprise business audiences that drive over 85% of Meta’s revenue, which equates to 100.3 billion dollars in 2021. 


As the lead designer and design point-of-contact on this project, I was responsible for guiding UX direction and aligning with stakeholders on a singular vision for our product roadmap. I worked closely with other designers, PM, Engineering, and other cross-functional partners to define the product scope and prioritization of features, and ensuring delivery of the feature.


1. Advocated for additional user research efforts to enable conducting usability testing with actual users from client companies.

2. Pushed back on engineering requirements to reduce user friction, negotiated changing the backend data collection methods to improve the user experience and site hierarchy

3. Got buy-in from team leads to ship an additional feature informed by user research, reducing 200k clicks for Business Manager users per day


In our MVP, we provide a way for our business admins to manage inactive users directly from the People tab on Business Manager Settings, the fourth most-used tool on

The new security and auditing capabilities – more granular user information in an aggregated view combined with the abilities to filter and to export details - created a more streamlined experience for managing inactive accounts. 
In 2023, this feature has been rolled out to 100% of customers, impacting 5.6+ millions of users world-wide.  

To learn more about my work, please feel free to reach me at I would be happy to chat more :)

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